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Sharkey Brands will warrant Octosub manufactured spearguns against any and all manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship which effect the satisfactory operation of the item being warranted.

The Shikari, Kingsman, Statesman are covered by a 5 year warranty on warping due to the internal carbon fiber stringer. The Ronin, Spectre are covered by an 2 year warranty on warping.

The liability of Sharkey Brands is limited to repair or replacement of only those parts determined by our staff to be defective and shall never exceed the original price of the Speargun. The decision to repair or replace a warranted speargun will be made by Sharkey Brands as necessary to provide the customer with a properly operating finished product of equal or lesser value. Sharkey Brands assumes no liability for accidental or consequential damages.

This warranty does not include the consumable items such as bands, shaft, rigging or the protective finishes. Abuse, mishandling, or alteration/modification of the Speargun will void all warranties. Shipping cost to and from Sharkey Brands is the responsibility of the owner.

Proof of purchase is required by the original owner.

Octosub spearguns also come with a Neptonics Hardware Lifetime Warranty